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Patricia A. Slusher, N.D., M. Ed., CN, CNHP

Doctor of Naturopathy, Licensed Certified Nutritionist, Certified Natural Health Practitioner

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"Supporting your body holistically to restore balance and promote healing"

The foundation to all happiness begins with good health.

The Wellness Pathways Philosophy


Classical naturopaths specialize in wellness and teaching clients how to apply natural lifestyle approaches to facilitate the body's natural healing potential. We do not diagnose or use invasive procedures or pharmaceutical drugs. We feel disease is a manifestation of our body trying to correct imbalances. These imbalances of faulty nutrition, improper rest, lack of exercise, stress, inadequate sun exposure and other issues result over time in a weakening of the body's defenses. Subsequently, health breaks down and results in symptoms some call disease. We do not use drugs to suppress symptoms because that will help only for a short time and unless underlying problems are corrected, the body will begin to break down. We evaluate these lifestyle factors and seek to counsel the patient on how to modify negative lifestyle patterns and establish more positive ones.

The body has the inherent capability of healing itself once certain stressors are resolved. I look for the underlying causes of ill health (nutritional deficiencies; immune challenges like parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus, internal or external toxins; scars and traumas interfering with energy flow; heavy metals; food sensitivities and emotional trauma) and help the body eliminate them so it can return to homeostasis.

Good health involves body, mind, and spirit. All three must be in balance and taken into consideration. Drawing on my background of a Master's Degree in Guidance & Counseling, I may also suggest stress-reduction techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, guided imagery, meditation, etc. I also might use a technique called Emotional Re-polarization (E.R.T.) or an Emotional Freedom technique or use Bach Flower Remedies, which I will explain during our session.


I am a member of the Westin-Price Foundation and strongly advocate the foods recommended in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig.  These include lacto-fermented foods, grass-fed meats, and pesticide-, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, fruits and vegetables.


As Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food." The primary basis of good health is the consumption of healthy, whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, grass-fed, hormone, and antiobiotic-free meats, and healthy fats and water. Supplements are used to correct deficiencies, not to replace food.